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967245_10100101100516284_749547484_oBeaumont native, Lady Drama also known as Shannon Lwiz Boutté is a talented air personality. Lady Drama wears many hats as student, writer, advocate and preservationist. She is a former student of Prairie View A& M University, where she studied drama. After Hurricane Rita, Lady Drama enrolled at Lamar University, where she currently studies theater and is an  active member of Xi Delta Chi Community service sorority and the International Thespian Society. She has many years of experience in technical theater/stage acting and  in video production. Lady Drama is very passionate about her craft and her Creole heritage. This passion brought forth the opportunity of co-hosting Season 1 of IAMCREOLE Radio. As the co-host, she provided listeners insight to the Creole culture and showcased many Creole celebrities and new Creole music artists.Her latest project is Chronicles of Lady Drama, a blog which aims to enlighten readers with stories, thoughts and ramblings about culture..
When asked what is her favorite genre of music, Lady Drama says, “Everything and anything as long as it has soul and meaning. Lady Drama’s Latest project is www.Chronicleradio.com please check it out.

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